FITJOY is a brand born in Japan in the year 2017. Before developing FITJOY, we've had the privilege of working with a variety of well-known Japanese shoe brands over the years. Our expertise spans a wide range of shoe types, including men's and women's shoes, leather shoes and sneakers, elegant and casual styles, sandals and boots.


However, as we have manufactured and released many brand shoes to the market, we have constantly felt that there were very few shoes that could truly be enjoyed and comfortably worn by people. Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and with standard shoes, it is often the case that the shoe dictates what the foot must conform to, instead of the other way around. This means that many people have to make compromises while wearing shoes, and they might face discomfort or even pain.


Walking is the source of health and happiness, and shoes are essential for it, they are an important part of our daily lives. That's why we aspire to create leather shoes that are not only stress-free and feel like you've forgotten you're wearing them, but also different from ordinary sneakers to be stylish and elegant. We have combined our accumulated knowledge and expertise and embarked on this development journey.


We set our sights on sheepskin. Not just any sheepskin, but we searched far and wide for a sheepskin that is exceptionally thin, supple, yet durable. This sheepskin is as smooth as a baby's skin and has suitable stretchability. It is a material that is challenging to work with as a shoe, but we were determined to make it into something special.

light shoes

Next, we focused on the outsole. It had to be lightweight, durable and have a cushioning that makes you want to bounce while walking. We adopted the latest materials and technology that we have been using for years in the production of sneakers and walking shoes to achieve this.

 FITJOY shoes

Finally, after two years of hard work, FITJOY was completed. We have already received more than 6,000 survey responses and every staff member carefully goes through each one, making
improvements to the product accordingly. Shoes that provide a comfortable and enjoyable fit for everyone who wears them so that everyone can experience the sensation of the shoe wrapping around their foot, giving a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. That's the "FITJOY" brand.